Just Add One Program

"Just Add One" is a program that was first implemented in the City of Temecula over the summer of 2014. This program encourages local businesses to "Just Add One" employee to their business for the summer. The program hopes to provide over 100 jobs to the youth of the Temecula Valley area.

The goals of the program are to:
  • Enable youth to acquire good work habits and develop employment-related skills
  • Enable youth to develop a greater understanding of higher education and career options
  • Facilitate long term employment and self-sufficiency
  • Provide safe and well-supervised work experiences
  • Provide youth with self-confidence, career awareness, financial literacy, and interpersonal competencies needed to succeed in the long term
Requirements for Applicants
  • Complete and submit a "Just Add One" application to the City of Temecula
  • Complete pre-employment interview
  • Complete post-employment interview
  • Complete the 3 Work Readiness Workshops prior to employment
  • Must be committed to working the full length of the 8 week program (120 hours)
  • Must be in the age ranges of 16-24 (if under the age of 18 provide work permit)
  • Must pass live scan screening
More Information
For more information, please email Charles Walker.