Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Division (CIP) administers the City's Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, which consists of projects for the construction of City facilities, roads, traffic signals, parks, and community centers.  The primary sources of funding for the CIP are Developer Impact Fees (DIF), Measure A, General Fund, and grants from various sources, including local, state, and federal agencies.

The CIP Division is responsible for the project planning, environmental documentation, design, and property acquisition, for streets, bridges, facilities, and park projects.  The Division also manages the bidding process for Capital Improvement Projects, as well as construction inspection duties.  All functions are done in coordination with various agencies, including utility companies, other departments with the City, Caltrans, and other governmental agencies.

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Butterfield Stage Road Extension - Phase III

Description:  Widening of Butterfield Stage Road from La Serena Way to Rancho California Road.  This project includes widening of Rancho California Road to four lanes through the intersection of Butterfield Stage Road.  Riverside County is a partner on this major circulation project.
Status:  Design is currently ongoing.

Citywide Slurry Seal for Arterial Streets

Description:  Slurry arterial streets including Winchester Road, Jefferson Avenue, and Temecula Parkway.  Slurry seal is a method of extending the life of asphalt pavement, which delays the need for costly roadway rehabilitation projects.
Status:  Temecula City Council awarded a Construction Contract to Pavement Coatings Co.  Construction will begin upon approval of Traffic Control Plans which are currently in progress.

Interstate 15 / State Route 79 South Ultimate Interchange

Description:  Construction of a ramp system that will improve access to Interstate 15 from Temecula Parkway (State Route 79 South).
Status:  A Construction Management firm has been selected and an Agreement was approved by the City Council.  At the November 15, 2016 City Council meeting, authorization was granted for staff to advertise the project for construction bids.  This project is currently being prepared for constructions bids.

Old Town Sidewalks Improvement

Description:  Installation of a new sidewalk on the east side of Old Town Front Street from the Post Office (on Moreno Road) to Penfold's Café & Bakery (on Moreno Road).
Status:  Project is being prepared to solicit construction bids.  Bidding is expected prior to the end of the year.

Sam Hicks Monument Park Playground Enhancement

Description:  Design and construct a new innovative play area to replace the existing equipment with a historical theme using Pechanga's Great Oak Tree as the basis for the concept.
Status:  Design and fabrication services, including illustrative design work, research, structural engineer design, and safety certification are complete.  Construction Bid Opening is scheduled for November 28, 2016.

Winchester Road at Roripaugh Road Signal Modification

Description:  Modification of traffic signal equipment at the intersection of Winchester Road and Roripaugh Road.
Status:  Temecula City Council awarded a Construction Contract to Los Angeles Traffic Signal Transportation.  This project is under construction.  

Ynez Road Sidewalks

Description:  Provide walking surfaces from Pauba Road to Portraits Lane on east side of Ynez Road.
Status:  Construction Bid Opening is scheduled for November 28, 2016.